Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cosmocrane papermodel WIP

I have finished the Sketchup work, now I just need to unfold and make the skins... who know when that will happen?  For now, you can download a PDF of these plans that lay out the idea.  The connecting girder work will be cut out and tanks and connecting umbilicals will be modeled inside. Cargo containers will be modifiable, separate, and mix & match.

This is NOT part of the old CAPUL Model line... this is going to be something new.  Not near future, more of a far future but still gritty and job related rather than shiny and sparkly.  Firefly rather than Star Trek.  Like the CAPUL line, I hope to make a set of models and story line to place them all in a theme. But for now... I hope I can just get through this model in the next few months while finishing up my PhD dissertation for the winter.

Single Page Plans HERE