Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Where was I?

Well... I have been overcome with 3D printing... and I have done little to no Papermodeling or Watercolor Painting or Sketching... and I miss it... all of it.

Perhaps I will end the 3D printing and sell the printers and get back to my first love?

I hope.


Friday, August 11, 2017

So much has changed. So much is changing.

I no longer live in Taiwan. I now live in Kansas. Toto, I don't think we're in Pingtung anymore.

I am not designing papermodels like I used to... I have become enthralled to 3D printing. Some of you may remember the drawings of the FRNS ALBION (the starship from my unfinished-ing novel). I have made it come to life in 3D printing. This is a rough maquette in low rez printing. I will use this for tweaking the design and for painting. Later will come a more high quality print with more details and too-dads. So, hopefully, this page will come alive again with art, drawings, models, and perhaps a finished novel someday.


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Wow... 10 months... really?

So... the PhD thing is over... I am in a new town (Kaohsiung, Taiwan) and a new job...

It is TIME to start designing models again!  So... here's hoping.

The long promised heavy lifter space mule is in the works... but I also want to work on some new game models and some new ideas for SciFi tech models.  OH!  I NEED to get back into this soon.

I have also become something of a watercolorist so I am considering how to make watercolor part of the skinning process and not rely totally on digital techniques.

More later!

Sunday, March 31, 2013


A few years ago, I got interested in some tabletop space warfare games.  I really liked Battlefleet Gothic at the time but the models were very hard to come by here in Taiwan. Shipping from an overseas seller was much too high.  So I designed these paper model proxies.  If you like small models, spaceships, or gaming proxies... perhaps these are for you!  I have no build photos as that was a long time ago and I have moved on to other games.  These are black and white line models that you can print on color cardstock or use your own markers or watercolors to paint. Someone requested these be reposted so here you go. I hope you enjoy!  If there is interest in more paper proxies like these, or for other games, I will see what I can do in the future.







Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cosmocrane papermodel WIP

I have finished the Sketchup work, now I just need to unfold and make the skins... who know when that will happen?  For now, you can download a PDF of these plans that lay out the idea.  The connecting girder work will be cut out and tanks and connecting umbilicals will be modeled inside. Cargo containers will be modifiable, separate, and mix & match.

This is NOT part of the old CAPUL Model line... this is going to be something new.  Not near future, more of a far future but still gritty and job related rather than shiny and sparkly.  Firefly rather than Star Trek.  Like the CAPUL line, I hope to make a set of models and story line to place them all in a theme. But for now... I hope I can just get through this model in the next few months while finishing up my PhD dissertation for the winter.

Single Page Plans HERE

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sketches in development of a new original paper model: A container ship to freight around standardized box containers from earth to space.  Perhaps a part of the Capul Universe models I made found on www.ecardmodels.com or a new line.

Page 1 - general first sketch from a quick idea.

Page 2 - laying out the geometry a little.

Page 3 - a mixed media sketch of the engine section.
I used pencil, Copic ink, and watercolor wash.

Page 4 - unfinished sketch of the crew section.
I will watercolor wash this after finishing the ink details.

No idea at all of when this may become a downloadable paper model... but I am still kicking and will get back into development soon.  -Cheers!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Federation Roustabout

This was an idea for an original ship idea I had one summer.  I imagined an experimental pocket starship from the Kirk/Spock era of Star Trek that was a forerunner of the Runabouts of the Picard/Sisco/Janeway era.  This small ship is much like the runabouts in its landfall capability, tactical starship ability, and economical size. It is, however, more reminiscent of an early time in the federation. There are no separate instructions, just a schematic for parts on the model pages themselves.

Download Model