Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sketches in development of a new original paper model: A container ship to freight around standardized box containers from earth to space.  Perhaps a part of the Capul Universe models I made found on or a new line.

Page 1 - general first sketch from a quick idea.

Page 2 - laying out the geometry a little.

Page 3 - a mixed media sketch of the engine section.
I used pencil, Copic ink, and watercolor wash.

Page 4 - unfinished sketch of the crew section.
I will watercolor wash this after finishing the ink details.

No idea at all of when this may become a downloadable paper model... but I am still kicking and will get back into development soon.  -Cheers!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Federation Roustabout

This was an idea for an original ship idea I had one summer.  I imagined an experimental pocket starship from the Kirk/Spock era of Star Trek that was a forerunner of the Runabouts of the Picard/Sisco/Janeway era.  This small ship is much like the runabouts in its landfall capability, tactical starship ability, and economical size. It is, however, more reminiscent of an early time in the federation. There are no separate instructions, just a schematic for parts on the model pages themselves.

Download Model

Star Trek TOS Phaser Pistol

My first model... designed entirely with paper and ruler then scanned and edited. Long before I learned 3D CAD and Adobe. Makes a Phaser 1 and 2 that are detachable if you get the scale just right. Enjoy!

Download Model

Download Instructions

Star Trek TNG Phaser Pistol

The phaser pistol from Star Trek the Next Generation in its first season looked like a "Dust Buster" and was nicely modified to this broomhandle look for the next 6 seasons and the movies. This model gives you a 1:1 phaser with both the TV and Movie versions of the grip.

Download Model

Download Instructions

Star Trek TNG Movies Phaser Rifle

This was a 1:1 paper model of a Phaser Rifle I made for a fan-made Star Trek movie that never seemed to come around. The producers wanted a 100 rifles on screen, and paper models seemed to be the best method. I designed this quickly for them and they thanked me - but I never saw a finished movie. Too bad. But you can have your own rifle, or arsenal of them, just for the printing and cutting... and glueing. I never made instructions for the model but there is a graphic of how the parts come together within the model itself. Write me with any questions of how things fold up if you have any trouble.
Download File

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wow... I haven't been able to update the board yet? I must be too busy or too distracted. Anyhow... for those of you who forgot, you can see some of my models at where Teacher Ker has hosted about 6 models I have done for him over the years. You can also find some of my gaming models at - just search for models by Michael The Haggard.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

iPad Designed Model

Wedge Fighter, EAGLE Red 5 "Annabell" This is a one page model of the two man, wedge shaped fighter VF-86b Eagle deginated Red Five and named Annabell by the pilot and his flight officer. I made this model as a test to see if I could design a papermodel on the iPad... though I had to finish up some layout on the desktop for color matching, 95% of the work is done on the iPad away from home, on the bus, train and waiting in offices. Enjoy! DOWNLOAD

Friday, June 29, 2012

Welcome... my Mobile Me account with Apple will soon die because of Apple's new iCloud. So I will be moving my models here and make Albion Rising more of a blog. Keep watch!